Book covers for Academic Publication

Book covers for Academic Publication


A private party of academics and two papers based on vehicle engineering.


A group of three academics needed two covers for their papers, able to communicate the technology behind the study but also modern and appealing. The only caveat was to maintain the academic layout for the position of the University’s logo and font. 


Knowing nothing about cars I did some research based on similar project and I realize most of them have a minimal where not existent design. This helps me in term of creating something new not seen before. My initial idea was to creating a sketch of the cars analyzed in the papers but this could have led to some imperfections and since this is a cover for an academic in engineering, I quickly discard the idea.

book cover academic paper
Covers, academic paper layout

Eventually I edited two pictures of the vehicle mentioned in the papers, in order to be as accurate as possible, then I create a gradient of colors for the two based on the images, finally I add them in big stripes to highlight the picture of the car placed in a big image of the front. I also proposed an alternative with both front and back in a funny way.

Unfortunately, for the style in which this kind of projects were usually printed at this University, only the front would have been used. 

book cover academic paper
Cover for academic paper, front and back

The result was highly appreciated and the objective reached, because it has been told that the papers were easily recognizable by others academics.

book cover academic paper
Cover for academic papers


Francesca Funari is a free lance graphic and content designer. Available for brand identity, print design, content design using Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, with lots of passions and interests, willing to learn and increasing her knowledge.

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