Istituto di Musica G. Verdi – Website redesign

Istituto di Musica G. Verdi – Website redesign


The G. Verdi Institute of Music in Asti is a music school with programs ranging from childhood to adulthood, specializing in the teaching of classical, modern and jazz instruments.

Case study

When started working on this existing website, there was no connection between the pages and the content. The elements applied in the  previous version were those provided by the chosen template and did not express the concepts that the Institute wanted to communicate, moreover they were not personalized.
There was no brand identity between printed and virtual images and it was necessary to maintain the same structure used for other institutional websites belonged to the same corporation.

istituto verdi asti
My work
After a careful analysis of the users and the school staff, is established a specific communication language: friendly, fresh and dynamic. In the Home Page the generic images of the slideshow are replaced with those taken among actual students, maintaining the same chromatic scale that will be reused in the printout material. In the background, instead of a generic photo, is used a picture of the facade of the Institute, as the building is recognized as iconic among the inhabitants of the city of Asti. To represent the dynamism, is placed an animation to the text, followed by the appearance of call to action buttons that can be modified as needed. See the slideshow working here.
Design approved

The existing pages on the previous version were all different one to another, to obtain an appearance of cohesion, is created a unique responsive structure: 

  • under the header is placed a colored image (variable based on the content of the page), with a size that allow consultation of the entire page without having to use scroll bars on screens and optimized for mobile; 
  • in the content, at the bottom of each page is placed the button with the call to action (Contact Us) before the footer. 

In the subcategories (posts):

  • the picture has the same feature but is in black and white, to be distinguished as different from pages;
  • the text is better organized for easier reading and for every course is possible to download the academic plan;
  • if the text is too long, are placed multiple call to action in between topics.

In addiction are placed breadcrumbs under every page title.

The Courses page is completely modified, while initially it was composed of a single long text, with a bulleted list, now is replaced with icons and titles, making the user interface lean ad light optimized for mobile. Separate posts are made for each category in which the text is arranged for quicker reading.

istituto verdi corsi
Page: Courses

The page dedicated to teachers is gather under category, so that it is immediately visible which Maestro is associated with a particular subject or instrument, by clicking on each picture, the user can access to the relevant curriculum, where are inserted external and internal links like personal websites, social pages and youtube videos.

istituto verdi docenti
Page: Teachers

Added upon request: an events calendar, a blog page with the list of events in the school, a contact form.

For two years I personally followed the writing of articles, insertion of events in the calendar and took care of recovering or taking custom images and relate processing with Photoshop when needed.


Based on the analysis of WordPress, the engagement on the website increases and the call to action buttons are used regularly to fill in the contact form and browse the pages of courses, curriculum vitae and blog events. Following the success of the website we proceed with the creation of a Facebook page managed by me (contents and posting) and the site information on Google Maps. 

blog content
Page: Backeca
istituto verdi contatti
Page: Contacts


Francesca Funari is a free lance graphic and content designer. Available for brand identity, print design, content design using Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, with lots of passions and interests, willing to learn and increasing her knowledge.
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